title>Town of St.George - New Brunswick Town of St. George New Brunswick Canada

Historical Notes

  1. Peter Clinch, the founding father of St. George, landed with a group of colonists at the foot of present day Clinch Street on November 10, 1783. He received a grant for the land that was to become the town of St. George on February 2, 1784. In 1786 Peter Clinch served as a member of the House of Assembly in Mallard House, Saint John.
  2. Colonel Hugh Mckay, a resident of St. George, was a Colonel in the militia for 50 years and served in the House of Assembly for 30 years. As well, he was a Senior Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. At his death on January 28, 1848, he was the oldest and the only, full Colonel of the militia in the province of New Brunswick.
  3. By the mid 1800's five shipyards, ten sawmills and seven granite mills were operating in and around St. George.
  4. Fort Vernon, constructed on the south side of the basin in 1812, was the first fort built in St. George. In 1866 a second fort was built on Fort Hill. The cannons from this fort can presently be found in front of the St. George Legion Hall.
  5. The only evidence of a brickyard in the town can be seen in the Dr. Dinsmore House on Brunswick Street. The house is constructed of locally made bricks from a brickyard owned by Wallace and Tyler Shaw.
  6. The Lake Utopia Medallion, a large circular piece of granite proven to have been cut by an expert stone cutter, bears the head of an Indian Chief believed to be a friend of DeMonts. Although discovered in 1862, the medallion is thought to have been cut by a member of the DeMonts-Champlain expedition of 1604. The medallion is presently in the New Brunswick museum.
  7. The first church, built in 1790, is the oldest Presbyterian Church in Canada.
  8. The first Anglican Church was built in 1821, burnt January 1st, 2002.
  9. The first Baptist Church was built in 1845.
  10. The first Roman Catholic Church was built in 1854.
  11. Published c.1902, the "Granite Town Greetings" was the towns first newspaper. The granite water-trough at the town pump was completed in 1902.
  12. The town of St. George was incorporated on October 17, 1904. The first mayor of the town was Fred Dewar.